Friday, April 5, 2013


I’m participating in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. I’ve decided I’ll be blogging about natural health and beauty because it’s something I’m really interested in and something I haven’t written about before on this blog. Please remember that I’m not a qualified doctor or natural health practitioner. What I blog about is entirely my own opinion.


I’ll be honest. I hadn’t heard about exfoliation using a dry body brush until I read an article featuring Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr. Since she was such an advocate, I decided to do some research and see what the benefits were. Turns out there are many. If you’d like to know what they are, read on!

The purpose of the dry body brush is to exfoliate dead skin cells, smooth wrinkles and imperfections, assist with ingrown hairs, rebuild collagen and improve blood circulation. It has also been known to assist in lymphatic drainage.

The best kind of body brush to use is a plant bristle brush. They are great for exfoliating your skin without damaging it due to harsh scratching. If you wet the body brush, you will not get the same benefits because the bristles stick together and soften, so it is important that the brush is always stored in a dry environment. Additionally, body brushing should only be performed on dry skin.

There are many methods for dry body brushing. You can Google them if you are interested in a particular type (e.g. lymphatic drainage). I usually brush in an upward motion (e.g. ankle to knee) and keep the pressure firm, but not painful. The skin will usually pinken, but the color disappears swiftly after having a shower.

Dry body brushing definitely isn’t for everyone. I must admit that the bristles feel strange on your skin to begin with. After you get used to them, and if body brushing is performed regularly, your skin texture definitely improves. Just remember not to body brush over sunburns or broken skin!

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John Wiswell said...

I don't think I have ever experienced formal exfoliation. I always figured a girlfriend would drag me into sometime, as I'm happy to play guinea pig on dates. But not yet!

Sandy Campbell said...

I didn't know that! Thanks! However, when looking for a nice brush for my cat Romeo, I bought him a good boar bristle brush for his coat! For humans. He loves it, and loved it instantly! His coat is nice and thick and he eats good food....which helps...Halo dry and prefers fresh tuna, or canned with rinsed packing waters.

Francene Stanley said...

I must try it again because I have dry skin. I guess, the thing to do is work it into your routine. Then, it'll be done without even thinking.Francene.
A - Z Challenge

Bames Pabla said...

I find that loofah works pretty well for me as a sort of brush... :)

Rebeccah Giltrow said...

Recently I looked up some stuff about detoxing, and one of the things that kept popping up was dry brushing. I certainly need to get rid of dry skin, so I will have to invest in one of these :)

Madeline Jane said...

I'm a huge hair brushing person, but I've never actually thought of brushing my body! ;) I'll have to try it sometime, my skin could use it.

Sylvia Ney said...

New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge and I look forward to visiting again.


Laura Marcella said...

Hello, Kathy! I've never had a proper exfoliation. My face cleaning wipes have exfoliating beats on it, though!

Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

Emran Ahammad said...

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